What is a Destination?

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What is a Destination?
A destination is the specific location to which a
traveller decides to go.
•Destinations can be defined variously and can include:
>Towns, Villages and Cities
>Historical Sites, Heritage Sites
>Self-Contained Resorts, Holiday Villages
>Amusement and Theme Parks
>Regions or Groups of Countries (e.g The Caribbean)
A destination must contain the
“critical mass” of elements to
meet consumer requirements
The Five ‘A’s of a Tourist Destination
Attraction – A unique product offering that will entice
the visitor to come.
Access – to both to the destination and the attraction,
whether by land, air, water or rail.
Amenities – such as water, food, electricity,
telecommunications, security and acess to healthcare
must be in place.
Accommodation- A place to stay during the visit that
offers convenience and comfort to suit her budget and
Activities- Shopping, Dining, Snorkeling, and
Gambling are but few of the activities that can be
made available to the visitor during his stay.
10. Rockies
Straddling the British Columbia/Alberta border, this mountain chain runs from the U.S. border to the
northern end of British Columbia.
9. Mont Royal Park
– Montreal
Located at the highest point in the city of Montreal. Within the park
you’ll find a ski trail. The park, named for the city itself, captures the
attention of more than 3 million visitors each year.
Wonderland –
Maple, Ontario
Canada’s Wonderland is home to the largest wooden roller coaster in existence in Canada.
It’s also the location of the only “flying coaster” in the country – the Time Warp. More than
3.35 million people visit this incredibly fun theme park each year and, according to news
sources, the park is still expanding
Banff National Park
– Alberta
Banff National Park was
the first national park
established in Canada. The
park consists of 2,500 acres
of land in the Canadian
Rockies and regularly
attracts nature lovers to its
glaciers and meadows.
There are two towns within
the park: Banff and Lake
Louise. Both are filled with
galleries, museums, and
cultural attractions
designed to occupy visitors
in between treks into the
wilderness. Approximately
3.3 million people visit the
park, to explore and to ski,
Niagara Falls – Ontario
The folks in the City of Niagara
Falls in Ontario estimate that
Niagara Falls receives more
than 12 million visitors every
single year. We really weren’t
surprised to find that it’s such
a popular attraction – it’s one
of the most famous in the
United States as well
The White House
The White House is the
official residence and office
of the President of the
United States. It was built
between 1792 and 1800 and
first used by President John
Adams. After the 9/11
attacks it has become more
difficult to visit the White
House and today tours are
available only for groups of
10 or more and must be
requested up to six months
in advance through your
member of Congress or your
country’s US Ambassador
Las Vegas
The gambling mecca of
the world, Las Vegas is
situated in the midst of
the southern Nevada
desert landscape. Casinos
can be found throughout
Las Vegas, but the strip, a
stretch of Las Vegas
Boulevard South,
contains the most of
them. It features giant
mega-casino hotels,
decorated with lavish care
and attention to detail to
create a fantasy-like
The Florida Keys
The Florida Keys are a 120
mile long chain of tropical
islands curving around the
base of the Florida
peninsula, connected to
the mainland by a series of
bridges. The most
spectacular bridge, the
Seven Mile Bridge in the
Lower Keys, has been
frequently used as a
location for films including
True Lies and Fast 2
Furious. US Highway 1, the
“Overseas Highway” runs
from Key Largo,
Islamadora, Marathon,
Lower Keys and finally to
Key West, the most distant
and most famous island.
Niagara Falls
Situated between the state of
New York and the province
of Ontario, Niagara Falls is
one of the most spectacular
natural wonders on the
North American continent.
Niagara Falls is actually three
different falls, the American
Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and
Horseshoe Falls. Horseshoe
Falls is located on the
Canadian side while the
other are located in New
York. With more than 14
million visitors each year it is
one of the most visited
tourist attraction in the
The Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge is a
suspension bridge spanning
the Golden Gate, the strait
between San Francisco and
Marin County to the north.
The Golden Gate Bridge was
the longest suspension
bridge span in the world
when it was completed in
1937, and has become an
internationally recognized
symbol of San Francisco and
California. The famous redorange color of the bridge
was specifically chosen to
make the bridge more easily
visible through the thick fog
that frequently shrouds the
Yellow Stone Park
Yellowstone National Park
was the world’s first
national park, set aside in
1872 to preserve the vast
number of geysers, hot
springs, and other thermal
areas, as well as to protect
the incredible wildlife and
rugged beauty of the area.
Yellowstone lies on top of
a gigantic hotspot where
light, hot, molten mantle
rock rises towards the
surface. Subsequently, the
park contains half of all
the world’s known
geothermal features, with
more than 10,000
examples of geysers and
hot springs. In addition,
black bears, grizzly bears,
Manhattan is one of New
York’s biggest and sought
after attractions. It’s familiar
skyline and sights have been
featured a thousand times on
screen. Walk in the shadow
of the skyscrapers, picture
the Statue of Liberty, see a
Broadway show , climb the
Empire State building, stroll
Central Park, window shop
on 5th Avenue or stagger
around a museum.
The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is
located in northern
Arizona and is one of the
great tourist attractions
in the United States.
Carved over several
million years by the
Colorado River, the
canyon attains a depth of
over 1.6 km (1 mile) and
446 km (277 miles) long.
The Grand Canyon is not
the deepest or the longest
canyon in the world but
the overwhelming size
and its intricate and
colorful landscape offers
visitor spectacular vistas
that are unmatched
throughout the world
US Capital Building
Lincoln Memorial
The White House
Vietnam War memorial
Smithsonian Institute
Miami Florida
The City of Miami known as the
“Magic City” is located in
Southeast Florida, on the Miami
River, between the Everglades and
the Atlantic Ocean. Miami is being
recognized worldwide as a center
for international culture. Miami
recently hosted the 4th annual
Latin Grammy Awards show, the
visit of the Spanish Prime Minister
Jose Maria Aznar, the celebration
of the Free Trade of the Americas
Conference , FTAA and most
recently, the MTV Music Video
Awards and the Source Hip-Hop
Music Awards.
Las Vegas
The Top 10 Hotel Suites in Las
1. Villa One, Bellagio Las Vegas
2. Presidential Suite, Venetian
3. Verona Suite, Las Vegas Hilton
4. 180-Degree Suite, Four Seasons
5. Napoleon Suite, Paris Hotel Las
6. Elvis and Priscilla Suite, Viva Las
7. Top Suites, Turnberry Place
8. Ambassador Suite, Sahara
9. Adrienne Suite, The Palms
Casino Resort
10. Penthouse Suite, MGM Grand
New Orleans,
The French Quarter is the
destination for most tourists.
Jackson Square is the heart of the
French Quarter. Visit with artists,
museums and tour historical
buildings. The Moon Walk
provides a breath-taking view of
the Mississippi River. Mardi Gras,
the French Quarter Festival, The
Jazz & Heritage Festival (Jazz Fest),
the Spring Fiesta, riverboat cruises,
and of course, New Year's Eve at
Jackson Square. Don’t forget the
nightlife! The streets are alive with
people taking in all of the jazz and
music clubs, not to mention
Bourbon Street
Six Flags Great
America in Gurnee,
With nearly 70 rides to enjoy,
including 10 adult coasters, there’s
no shortage of options here for
anyone who loves classic
amusement park entertainment.
Must-rides include last year’s
addition, The Dark Knight, the
park’s first indoor and part-dark
coaster, and the famous Raging
Bull, a massive steel “hypertwister”
Theme Parks
 Animal kingdom
 Magic Kingdom
 Epcot
 MGM Studios
 Blizzard Beach
 Typhoon Lagoon
Downtown Disney
Night Clubs
Amc Movie Theater
Virgin Records
Pleasure Island
BET Night Club
Bongos Night Club
Planet Hollywood
DISNEY Blizzard Beach Summit
Universal Studios
Orlando Florida
At this theme park, rides and
attractions are based on popular
movie and TV show properties,
including Shrek, Men in Black, The
Mummy, Terminator, Jaws (a
classic, as always) and so on. The
new The Simpsons RideTM is just
Busch Gardens
Williamsburg in
Williamsburg, Virginia
Most apparent about Busch
Gardens Williamsburg is the
sheer beauty of the park.
Well-maintained with a
unique design, this place is
almost as fun to walk as it is
to ride. The ten sections, or
hamlets, are inspired by
countries in Europe, from
Scotland to Germany, and the
quality of the theme décor
never fails to impress.
Nor do the rides, especially
the Griffon, the world’s tallest
and fastest dive machine
coaster. We also like the
shows here in particular,
many of them inspired by the
“countries” that present
Top 10 hotels in the USA as rated
by TripAdvisor reviewers:
1.Elysian Hotel Chicago, Chicago
2.The Grand Del Mar, San Diego
3.Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, Maui, Hawaii
4.Old Edwards Inn and Spa, Highlands, N.C.
5.Heathman Hotel, Kirkland, Wash.
6.Hotel Commonwealth, Boston
7.French Quarter Inn, Charleston, S.C.
8.Fairmont Heritage Place Ghirardelli Square, San
 9.Hotel Monaco Portland – a Kimpton Hotel, Portland,
 10.Inn at the Market, Seattle
Top Hotel Chains In the USA
Marriot International(Marriott Hotels & Resorts, JW
Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Courtyard etc)
2. Global Hyatt Incorporated(Hyatt Regency, Grand
Hyatt & Park Hyatt brands
3. Starwood Resorts and Hotels Worldwide
4. Hilton Hotels Corporation(Hilton, Conrad,
Doubletree, Embassy Suites, Hampton Inn,
Hampton Inn & Suites etc)
Top Hotel Chains in the USA
 5 Choice Hotels (Cambria Suites, Comfort Inn,
Comfort Suites, Quality, Sleep Inn, Clarion, MainStay
Suites, Suburban Extended Stay Hotel, Econo Lodge, &
Rodeway Inn brand hotels; based in MD)
Acapulco is the original
Mexican resort town which
came into prominence by
the 1950s as a getaway for
Hollywood stars and
millionaires. Still, Acapulco
remains a popular tourist
destination especially
among Mexicans and as a
spring break destination
among US college students.
No visit to Acapulco is
complete without watching
the cliff divers perform their
impressive jumps into
ocean. They have been
doing it since the 1930s,
although today the divers
are professionals.
The city of Oaxaca is wellknown for having one of the
best Dia de Los Muertos
festivals in Mexico, a
holiday celebrated in many
parts of Latin America. In
Mexico the festival can be
traced back thousands of
years ago to indigenous
cultures such as the Zapotec
and Aztec. In Oaxaca the
Day of the Dead Festival
starts at the end of October
when families prepare the
tombs for the return of the
spirits. During this time
tombs and home altars are
decorated with flowers and
families leave offerings for
the spirits in the cemeteries
Located just off the
Yucatan Peninsula,
COZUMEL is a popular
destinations for scuba
diving and snorkeling.
The underwater world
around Cozumel was
discovered by Jacques
Cousteau in 1959 who
called it one of the best
diving areas in the world.
Since that time Cozumel
has become a National
Marine Park to protect
the delicate balance of it’s
beautiful coral reefs and
amazing variety of
tropical fish
Palenque is an
archaeological site that was
located on the western
edge of the Maya empire in
the present-day state of
Chiapas, Mexico. Palenque
is much smaller than some
of its Mayan neighbor
cities, but it contains some
of the finest architecture
and sculptures the Maya
ever produced. Most
structures in Palenque date
from about 600 AD to 800
AD including the Temple
of Inscriptions, the only
Mesoamerican pyramid
built as a funerary
The Copper Canyon is in
fact a network of canyons
which together are several
times larger than the
Grand Canyon. The most
popular way to explore
the Copper Canyon is on
the “Chihuahua al
Pacifico” Railway. The
track passes over 37
bridges and through 86
tunnels, rising as high as
2,400 meter (7,900 feet)
above sea level featuring
spectacular views of the
canyons below
Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza is the largest of
the Maya cities in the Yucatan
Peninsula and one of Mexico’s
most visited tourist
destinations. The most
famous landmark of Chichen
Itza is the temple-pyramid of
El Castillo. The design of the
temple has special
astronomical significance.
Each face of the pyramid has a
stairway with 91 steps, which
together with the shared step
at the top, add up to 365, the
number of days in a year.
Other highlights of Chichen
Itza include the Great
Ballcourt and El Caracol, a
circular temple which served
as an astronomical
At approximately 6,400 km
(4,000 miles) the Amazon River
is the second longest river in the
world, just slightly shorter than
the Nile, and the largest river by
volume. The Amazon has over
3,000 recognized species of fish
and new species are still being
discovered. The Amazon Basin is
covered by half of the planet’s
remaining rainforests. Although
a tenth of the world’s estimated
10 million living species live in
the Amazon rainforest, jungle
tours are more about the boating
upriver into the damp, buzzing,
oppressive ambience than
actually spotting animals
There are carnival
celebrations in virtually
every corner of Brazil, the
best-known ones taking
place in Recife together with
the neighboring Olinda and
Salvador. But the biggest and
most famous carnival is
undoubtedly the Carnival in
Rio de Janeiro. The Rio
Carnival attracts two million
people per day on the streets
and almost half a million
foreigners during its 4 day
celebration. The Carnival is
all over the place, in the
streets and squares, bars,
clubs and all other venues in
Rio, concluding in the
spectacular Rio Samba
Parade at the Sambadrome.
Christ the
Christ the Redeemer is
the famous statue of
Jesus Christ in Rio de
Janeiro. Located at the
peak of the 700 meters
(2,300 ft) Corcovado
mountain, it provides a
sweeping panorama
from the interior of
Guanabara bay to the
north, to Lagoa Rodrigo
de Freitas to the south.
The Christ the
Redeemer statue stands
39.6 meters (130 ft) tall,
including its 9.5 meters
(31 ft) pedestal and has
become an icon of Rio
and Brazil
The Baths (Virgin
Gorda, British Virgin
These immense granite boulders
are as mysterious as the huge
monoliths at Stonehenge in
England. While the stones of
Stonehenge are off limits to
visitors, those at the Baths are
more visitor friendly. Located
along the water's edge, these
stones create caves, caverns, and
small tidal pools that invite
exploration. Visitors can swim,
snorkel, or dive in the area
around the boulders. Be sure to
don your bathsuit so you can
explore the Baths from both land
and sea.
Dunns River Falls
One of Jamaica's most famous
tourist destinations, this 600-foot
waterfall is truly an awesome
sight. The clear, cold waters make
their way over a series of stone
steps leading to the waters of the
warm Caribbean below.
Swimsuit-clad visitors climb the
slippery steps with the help of a
guide. For safety, climbers make a
human chain, holding the hands
of those above and below them.
Along the way, guides regale
climbers with stories of local lore,
history, and events. Once at the
top of the falls, visitors exit into a
colorful marketplace.
Harrison's Cave
This limestone cave is reputed to
be the largest of its kind in the
Caribbean. Visitors board an
electric tram that takes them
through an extensive cave system
with an amazing spectacle of
stalactites and stalagmites.
Visitors pass a 40-foot waterfall
and numerous crystal-clear
underground pools and streams.
This limestone cave is reputed to
be the largest of its kind in the
Drive-In Volcano (La
Soufriere, St. Lucia)
Truly an out-of-theordinary experience. St.
Lucia is a volcanic island,
and at La Soufriere visitors
can see a volcano up close.
Here, visitors can drive their
cars right up to this semiactive volcano, then park
the car and walk with a
guide through a fault in the
rock. You'll smell the sulfur
and see a bubbling, hissing
crater that spans more than
five acres.
Buck Island Reef
Buck Island Reef
Buck Island has been
called "one of the finest
marine gardens in the
Caribbean Sea." Located
off the northeast coast
of St. Croix in the USVI,
Buck Island is a 176-acre
island surrounded by an
extraordinary coral reef
The Caribbean Best of the
Caribbean Readers Choice
 Best Festival: Trinidad Carnival
Honorable Mention: Reggae Sumfest, Jamaica; St. Lucia Jazz Festival
 Best Island to Live On: St. John, USVI
Honorable Mention: St. Thomas, USVI; Grand Cayman
 Best Happy Hour: Rick's Café, Jamaica
Honorable Mention: Sunset Beach Bar, St. Maarten; Soggy Dollar, BVI (Kitty's
note: The Soggy Dollar is a hoot if you're a boater and party animal.)
 Best Luxury Resort: Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos
Honorable Mention: Jade Mountain, St. Lucia; Fowl Cay Resort, Bahamas
 Best Family Resort: Atlantis, Bahamas
Honorable Mention: Beaches Turks & Caicos; The Buccaneer, St. Croix, USVI
 Best Rum: Cruzan
Honorable Mention: Tortuga; Appleton
 Best Beer: Red Stripe
Honorable Mention: Carib; Presidente
The Caribbean
 Best Shopping: St. Thomas, USVI
Honorable Mention: St. Martin; Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
 Best Adventure Destination: Belize
Honorable Mention: Riviera Maya, Mexico; Puerto Rico
 Best Snorkeling & Diving: Belize
Honorable Mention: Grand Cayman; Cozumel, Mexico
 Best Small Hotel: Little Cayman Beach Resort
Honorable Mention: Rincón Beach Resort, Puerto Rico; Peter Island, BVI
 Best Midsize Hotel: Caneel Bay, St. John, USVI
Honorable Mention: W Retreat & Spa, Vieques Island, Puerto Rico; Rosewood
Little Dix Bay, BVI
 Best Restaurant: The Cliff, Barbados
Honorable Mention: Kon Tiki, St. Maarten; Cracked Conch, Grand Cayman
 Best Golf Resort: Four Seasons, Nevis
Honorable Mention: Sandy Lane, Barbados; Half Moon, Jamaica
The Caribbean
 Honorable Mention: Golden Door Spa, Las Casitas
Resort, Puerto Rico; Hotel Guanahani & Spa, St. Barts
 Best Beach: Seven-Mile Beach, Grand Cayman
Honorable Mention: Trunk Bay, St. John, USVI; Grace
Bay, Turks and Caicos
Group Exercise
 Select a Destination of your choice that you might have
visited and conduct a brief SWOT(Strengths
Weakness, Opportunity , Threats) analysis. Remember
a Destination does not have to be a country..