Bug-Club - Middleton Parish CE Primary School

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Transcript Bug-Club - Middleton Parish CE Primary School

Bug Club
Online Reading Resource
Parent Information
• Introduction to Bug Club
• How does it work?
• Opportunity to navigate the website in
• Questions with class teachers
What is Bug Club?
• School phonetically-based reading
programme that links online eBooks with
printed books.
• Bug Club links to our letters and sounds
phonics programme allowing children to read
eBooks at their appropriate phonic phase.
Why Bug Club?
• New innovative way of accessing
• The books are eye-catching, interesting
and engage readers with an extensive
range of both fiction and non-fiction
• The characters are engaging and known
to the children
• Studies also show that reluctant readers
are more likely to read on-screen than
pick up a book - especially boys.
Reading opportunities
Guided reading – twice weekly
Home reading books changed and sent
home daily
Daily independent reading activities
(from the Interactive whiteboard,
labels in the classroom etc)
Regular individual reading to Teachers
and Teaching Assistants to check
Shared reading from the IWB daily
Access to bug club via class computer
or school laptops
How does it work?
Choose a bug
‘My books’
‘Books I have read’
‘My rewards’
‘Parent’s help’
Bug Club Help
Reading the eBooks
Reading the eBooks
Sounds in the book
Read to me option
Reading the eBooks
Allocation of eBooks
eBooks, like in Guided Reading, will be
allocated the band above home reading
books (unless the child has recently
moved to that band)
There are a limited number of eBooks
for each level.
eBooks will be allocated on a timed
basis dependent on the child and the
Please remember…….
• Listen to your child read their home
reading book or eBook daily.
• It is NOT a race to read as many ebooks
as possible.
• Work through the online comprehension
activities with your child to ensure they
fully understand the story.
• Finally…..enjoy sharing books and eBooks
with your child and PRAISE PRAISE
Workshop time!
The only way to really understand
the benefits of the programme is to
have a play and spread the reading