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Investing in an
MDT Solution
Jack Trovato
IT Director
Alert Ambulance
Lakewood, New Jersey
Are you thinking about adding an MDT solution to
your agency?
There are many steps involved in getting ready,
including selecting hardware, network environment
deciding on mounting options, and picking the best
cell plan.
This session is designed to help you create a path
to success.
Alert Ambulance has been in operation in NJ since 1972
4 Offices geographically located around the state
Fleet of 100 Vehicles
250 plus employees
Annual call volume 90,000
Services Provided BLS, CCTU , Wheelcair
RescueNet Billing
2000 Webviewer
RescueNet Dispatch 1998 RescueNet Code Review
2001 Zoll M Series Monitors
Resource Planner
Review of some FAQ Questions
• Does Navigator require a deployment?
• Yes, because of the complexity of the services
installations and the difficulty in diagnosing
problems that may occur, Navigator requires a 3
day, on-site deployment (AVL requires a 2 day,
remote deployment)
This is an accurate statement, I for one am always looking to self
deploy, but in my opinion deployment needs to be done by
someone knowledgeable in the product.
Review of some FAQ Questions
 Can I run NOMAD and Navigator at the
same time?
 Yes, you can have separate installations of
NOMAD and Navigator running against the
same Dispatch system. (Note: you can not install the
Navigator services or databases on the same server you are running
NOMAD server)
 This is an accurate statement, I am successfully running
both applications in my environment with no issues.
Review of some FAQ Questions
 How do my NOMAD licenses translate to
Navigator licenses?
 They are one to one. For example, if you own
10 client licenses for NOMAD, you will be
receive 10 client licences of Navigator
Review of some FAQ Questions
 How do I receive the Navigator Upgrade?
 If you are a current NOMAD customer, the
software upgrade is FREE! Please contact
your sales representative to schedule your
Navigator upgrade deployment.
Note : even though the license Upgrade is free there is a
deployment cost, you should keep this in mind when
developing a budget for the project.
Review of some FAQ Questions
 What version of RescueNet Dispatch or
RescueNet CommCAD does Navigator
work with?
 Navigator 1.0requires RescueNet Dispatch
v4.2 SP1 or CommCAD v2.1 and Navigator
1.1 requires 4.3
This is important to know because sometimes upgrading your CAD version has
effects on or creates the need to upgrade other applications please give yourself
ample time to perform your CAD upgrade and resolve any issues before deployment
of navigator
*Preparation is the Key
 Review Current Environment
 Perform upgrades as nessacerry
 Research Hardware
 Prepare a project Budget
 Prepare a Project Timeline
 Secure external installation Vendor
(if Needed)
 Prepare training materials for Crews
*Compatibility Chart
*Preparation is the Key
 One of the most important steps that you can
take is to Geo-Code any facility address in
your database that are not already GeoCoded.
 Navigator depends on the coordinates send
from dispatch to perform its in vehicle routing
Ensure that the following prerequisites are met before you start the Navigator
server or workstation upgrade.
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1
Make sure that .Net 3.5 SP1 is installed on every server and workstation that will
run any of the Navigator components, including the Navigator client.
Windows Installer 4.5
Make sure that the Windows Installer v4.5 is installed onto every server and
workstation that will run any of the Navigator components.
Supported Environments
RescueNet Navigator v1.1
Complete info at
*Navigator Network Configurations
 Zoll suggests three different Network
Configurations for a navigator Deployment
 No one configuration is the answer for all
deployment you need to take into account
such things as existing network environment,
number of vehicles, security concerns,
performance expectations etc.
Sample Network Configuration 1
Sample Network Configuration 2
Sample Network Configuration 3
Select a Wireless Carrier & Data Plan
Supported Mobile Hardware
GPS Devices
Microsoft Streets and Tips
TomTom Bluetooth GPS Puck
ArComm ZyWAN
InMotion oMG
Sierra Wireless Pinpoint
Sierra Wireless Pinpoint X
Sierra Wireless Pinpoint E
Sierra Wireless MP595W
Sierra Wireless MP881W
Mobile Gateways
ArComm ZyWAN
InMotion OMG
Sierra Wireless Pinpoint , (X), (E)
Sierra Wireless Junxion Box
Sierra Wireless MP959W
Sierra Wireless MP881W
Mobile Computer Hardware
Panasonic Toughbook CF-19
DriverTech EMS-PC (DT2500)
Logic Supply C2DVoomPC (SKU: ZOLLN1)
Data Ltd, Inc. DLI 8300, DLI 9200
Select Modem Hardware
 This takes some thought not only think what
you want to do today but where are you
headed in the future.
 Are you adding EPCR or another application
that requires or will require wireless access.
 Performance you expect to achieve
*Select Modem Hardware
Quad Mode Combo
Antenna is the low profile
Cellular/PCS + WiFi +
GPS combination external
antenna. Everything is in
the one housing,
WiFi “Rubber Duck”
Tri-Mode Combo
Antenna is the low profile
Cellular/PCS and GPS
combination external
Mobile Computers
Select Mobile Device
MP597 W
Sample Modem Installations
Airlink PinPoint
*Divertech Monitor install
Monitor install
*Data Computer tips
 Use a product such as Storm windows to prevent
unauthorized tampering with configurations
 Lock down the internet to prevent unauthorized
access to unwanted sites.
 INSTALL ANTI Virus Software
 Lock down External ports
*Camera installs
Blind Spot