History of the Internet in South Africa

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Transcript History of the Internet in South Africa

20 years of the Internet in South Africa

Gulf War Nintendo console www 1991 First SA ping Oceanus sinks Telkom

Bosnia Linux “Surfing” 1992 co.za

Interception and Monitoring Act CODESA

Rwanda Adobe PDF Mosaic 1993 Internet Africa Vodacom & MTN Chris Hani killed

Channel Tunnel Apache JPEG 1994 SAT-2 New South Africa

Barings Bank Windows 95 amazon.com

1995 Telkom SAIX Green Paper Rugby World Cup champions

Dolly the Sheep AltaVista 1996 ISPA DVD player Telecoms Act African Nations Cup champions

Hong Kong to China 1997 “Blue Paper” Truth and Reconciliation Commission PalmPilot SATRA

Belfast Agreement Google iMac 1998 ISOC-ZA Planet Hollywood bomb

Euro adopted Akamai Napster 1999 Mark Shuttleworth Thabo Mbeki president

Bush vs Gore Y2K Dot com bubble 2000 TENET Mozambique floods

9/11 Wikipedia iPod 2001 SAT-3 Telecoms Act amended

US invades Afghanistan Mac OS X ECT Act 2002 ADSL Solar eclipse

US invades Iraq Skype 2003 iTunes Cricket World Cup

Indian Ocean tsunami Facebook 2004 3G Ubuntu Telecoms Big Bang Equatorial Guinea plot

Pope John Paul dies YouTube 2005 VoIP Xbox 360 Neotel SALT

Human genome published Amazon EC2 Blu-Ray player 2006 Electronic Communications Act

Kenya riots iPhone 1 billion Internet users 2007 SANReN Rugby World Cup champions (again)

Large hadron collider Dropbox 2008 Mobile > Fixed Amazon Kindle Xenophobia Altech VANS judgement

Credit Crunch Interplanetary Internet 2009 SEACOM 3D TV

Gulf oil spill iPad 2010 EASSy FIFA World Cup

Arab Spring iCloud 2 billion Internet users 2011 Fibre broadband Local Loop Unbundling COP-17

The Future...

• • • • • • The Internet of Things – Much larger than Internet of People Mobility – The Personal Internet – Most will access through mobile devices The Social Internet – Anonymity may be impossible Enterprise ICT will be in the Cloud – Extending across multiple networks The Internet will become a lot more content-aware – – Good: Content Delivery Networks will make streaming predictable Bad: Deep Packet Inspection may continue to limit user experience Content – The Net Generation – On-demand will be much larger than broadcast; long-tail economics