What is an Unpreventable Accident?

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Transcript What is an Unpreventable Accident?

What Is An Unpreventable
Bob Pierce: Safety & Health Manager ESD 113 – WCT
Richard Kelm: Program Administrator ESD 113 – WCT
The Myth
There is nothing that could have prevented
the accident.
There was no unsafe condition.
There was no unsafe action.
It was bound to happen and it did.
I can’t be responsible for what someone
else does.
The list of excuses goes on and on.
Unpreventable Accidents
The only unpreventable accident
is the accident that never
Mechanics of an Accident
Unsafe action
What a person has done or failed to do
Horseplay on the job
Working without training
Disregarding safety training procedures
Unsafe condition
Inclement weather
No personal protective equipment (PPE)
Cluttered work area
Inappropriate tools
You Make The Call
Unsafe Act
Unsafe Condition
Unsafe Acts or Conditions
Not Walking on Designated Walkways
Not using PPE
Stairway With No Railings
Working With Improper Office Set
Operating Broken Down Equipment
Tools For Prevention
Safety Committees
Building Assessment Checklists
Investigation Process/Procedures
Ergonomic Assessments – Pre Injury
Onsite Specific – Safety Trainings
Incident Reports
Any Questions?