South Kerry Development Partnership Ltd.

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Transcript South Kerry Development Partnership Ltd.

South Kerry Development Partnership Ltd.

Noel Spillane CEO

February 24



Nature of our Organisation

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Integrated Local Development Company Legal Status – Ltd Company with Charitable Status Publicly Funded – Irish Government & EU Established by Government in 1991 – Under the P.E.S.P

Community response to economic & Social problems Administer a number of Irish Government & EU funded Rural Development Programmes Voluntary Board of Directors – 23 Partnership between Community, Social Partners, Statutory Agencies and Local Government 40 Staff between full & part time

Nature of our Organisation – Cont’d

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Aim of SKDP Ltd is to support and assist the creation of sustainable vibrant rural communities and improve the lives of people living there Three key pillars of activity

Enterprise & Employment

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Education & Training Community Development

SKDP operates a number of EU funded Rural Development Programmes

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Collabor8 LEADER Rural Alliances NEES

Nature of our Organisation – Cont’d

Irish Exchequer funded Rural Development Programmes operated by SKDP Ltd

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Local & Community Development Programme Local Employment Service Jobs Club Rural Social Scheme TUS Rural Recreation Officer & Walks Scheme

Area Covered by SKDP

Nature of Area Covered – Cont’d

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2,500 Sq KM Population – 47,000 Rural Area Main Industries - Agriculture & Tourism Area of outstanding natural beauty – Varied Landscape – Mountains, Coastline, Lakes, National Park, Diverse Flora & Fauna. World Heritage Site Suffers from a number of structural deficits


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Poor Infrastructure Low Population Density Out Migration & Immigration Dependence on Agriculture – Small Holdings

Core Values of SKDP Ltd

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Using a partnership approach Focusing on Equality

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Using a bottom up approach Addressing disadvantage

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Working at all levels of the community Being Innovative Work is transformational

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Influencing policy Ensuring Value for Money

Key Strategic Objectives

SKDP’s Corporate Plan 2008 – 2013 sets out the objectives that we intend to achieve over this period SKDP’s Strategic Objectives are built around three key pillars

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Enterprise and Employment Community Development Education and Training

Enterprise and Employment

To promote economic development by protecting and increasing employment, by fostering the development of new and existing enterprise and by helping individuals to access employment in the area.

Key Strategies:

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Protect and sustain the income of farmers and fishermen.

Support the development and creation of business in rural areas.

Support the development of tourism.

Provide employment supports to the unemployed and under-employed, in particular those most distanced from the labour market.

Increase the level of self-employment among the long term unemployed and under-employed

Community Development

To provide local rural and urban development through initiatives which empower local communities, enhances quality of life and promotes social inclusion in our area.

Key Strategies:

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Support, maintain and improve community infrastructure, environment and heritage.

Support the creation, maintenance and improvement of community services.

Support community and target groups to enable them to a position of empowerment, participation and collective action.

Support the participation of marginalised and disadvantaged groups in local and county decision making bodies.

Education and Training

To support participation in education and training opportunities for life long learning and development by raising awareness, identifying needs and providing access throughout the area.

Key Strategies:

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Identify the education and training needs of, and provide programmes to, individuals and businesses in South Kerry.

Work with schools and agencies to improve outcomes for young people at risk Increase access to formal and informal educational activities Support and strengthen the family unit to encourage child well-being.

Why NEES Project for SKDP ?

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Fits with SKDP’s enterprise & community strategies SKDP supports communities in refurbishing their existing community facilities and in building new facilities Sustainability must be an important consideration – both financial and environmental NEES will provide SKDP with the opportunity to encourage these groups to consider natural energy efficient products Opportunities to learn from other partner areas, transfer knowledge and experience SKDP intends to access Rural Development (LEADER) programme funding to finance its demonstration project/s.