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Transcript JCPS Human Resources – Student Talk @ CRC

JCPS Human Resources –
Informational Session
Curriculum Resource Center
▪ Introductions
▪ HR Staff
– Tony Moore, Middle School Hiring Specialist
– Anetria McGhee, HR Resource Teacher
– Paulette Roberson, HR New Teacher Support
District Mission
District Vision
To provide relevant,
comprehensive, quality
instruction in order to
educate, prepare, and
inspire our students to
All JCPS students
graduate prepared to
reach their full potential
and contribute to our
society throughout life.
Core Values
Our students are cared for and treated as if they are our own.
Children learn differently.
What happens in the classroom matters most.
The differences of each are the assets of the whole.
High-quality teaching is the most powerful tool for helping students reach high standards.
Leadership and innovation are essential to prepare students for their future.
Talents and resources are used wisely to benefit students.
Partnerships among schools, families, and community are important for the health and
well-being of our students.
Adults model integrity, respect, creativity, and accountability.
Field Experience and Beyond
▪ Make Connections
▪ Demonstrate professionalism
▪ Take initiative, don’t be a passive observer
▪ Seek out professional development opportunities
▪ Visit classrooms, seek out opportunities to vary your experience
Separating yourself from the pack
▪ In this competitive teaching market, success is all about separating
yourself from the pack.
▪ You can't just be a candidate - you have to be the BEST candidate.
▪ A summer job that will complement what you have been learning in
the classroom is a great way to increase your value as a job applicant.
Developing your resume/experience
Summer jobs can be useful in multiple aspects of your job
search. Some of those are listed below.
▪ Resume: The right job can make your resume "pop" and
rise to the top of the applicant pile. It can help you to build
a work history that makes the resume more interesting and
Interview: You can gain solid experience to explain, when
asked, "How you have demonstrated your passion for
teaching beyond your academic requirements?"
▪ Contacts: You're going to need, as references, people who
have supervised your work with school-aged students.
▪ Confidence: The more experience that you can gain in
working with children, the greater your confidence in
facing students in the classroom. Consider the potential to
exercise discipline, resolve interpersonal conflicts, and to
engage in problem-solving.
Ideas for Summer Work
▪ Summer camps - residential, day,
and special interest camps
▪ National, state parks and county
parks/nature centers
General Interest
▪ Community park district programs
▪ Community outreach activities
▪ Scouting
▪ Tutoring
▪ Summer school programs
▪ Language programs for
ESL/ELL children
▪ Children's museums
▪ Library/summer reading
programs and story hours
Social Service
▪ Respite care (short term, temporary
care of people with disabilities to give
families a break from care-giving.
▪ Big Brother/Big Sister programs
▪ Hospitals: children's ward aides
▪ Mentoring programs for at-risk children
and adolescents
▪ Social service agency and court service
summer programs
▪ Service trips - both in the U.S. and
Field Experience to Student Teaching
Certified Recruitment and Staffing
We are looking for
candidates that embody
the JCPS:
▪ Vision
▪ Mission
▪ Values
Teacher Candidate Observations
▪ What to expect from HR?
– Someone will contact you to
schedule an observation during
your first or second placement.
– You will receive an email asking
you for your availability and time
preference; important to respond
– During the observation, we will be
using an observation template
that mirrors expectations outlined
in the Kentucky Teacher Standards
Student Teacher Observations
▪ Placement 1 – February 1st- February 28th
▪ Placement 2 – March 3rd – April 25th
▪ These dates will vary based on the nature of placement (length of
time in one placement)
You are almost finished student
teaching… Now what???
Begin the online application process
Select job list
The process
continues with
Teacher Disposition Survey
▪ Soon after submitting your application, you will be asked to
complete a web-based survey.
▪ Approximately 30-45 minutes
The Key…
▪ All essential documents must be received by the Human
Resource department or attached to your application file.
▪ After the disposition survey is complete, HR staffing specialists
review the candidate's file in great detail.
Completed application
Philosophy of Education (Writing sample)
Praxis Scores
SOE (Statement of Eligibility)
References (6)
Completed Teacher Disposition Survey
Enhancing your file…
▪ Previous teacher evaluations
▪ Student teacher observations
*Make sure you are getting quality letter of recommendations
▪ Ask individuals that can attest to the quality of your work
▪ Ask individuals if they are willing to write a letter before listing their
Student Teacher Interview Days
Upcoming Student Teacher Interview Days
Grade Level/
Room(s) @
April 29, 2014
Flex A
Middle, High,
P-12 Certification Areas
April 30, 2014
Flex B
Reviewing the pool of candidates
The process
▪ HR Staffing Specialists select candidates to send to the school level
and interview with the school-based interview committee.
▪ With vacancies occurring year-round, this step continues throughout
the school year
▪ This phase is entirely dependent on the vacancies, certification
requirements, and school/cultural match. It is impossible to predict
the vacancies from year to year.
Keep in mind
▪ HR shares candidate names with
principals. Principals decide who
they will contact.
▪ Schools will contact you directly
for school level interviews
▪ The principals will make their
selections based on
recommendations from their
School Based Decision Making
Council (SBDM)
▪ Official offers are made by the
personnel specialists - not by the
school administrator!!!
Remember – Timing is everything!
In the meantime – things you can be
▪ Apply for a substitute position – application is online
(Call 485-3310 for more information)
▪ Make sure paper work is intact (i.e. application for KY Certification –
TC-1 application form)
▪ Make sure the necessary documents are on file at your
college/university certification office
• Candidates seeking
their first teaching
certificate will receive a
Statement of Eligibility
from the Kentucky
Education Professional
Standards Board
(EPSB). This is issued
free of charge.
• To apply for the
Statement of Eligibility,
please complete a TC-1
• Your university’s
certification officer will
assist you with this
Please contact us if you have additional
▪ Carl L. Williams, High School Specialist – 485-3356
▪ Anthony (Tony) Moore, Middle School Specialist – 485-3356
▪ Dr. Aimee Green, Elementary School Specialist – 485-3229
▪ Anetria McGhee, Resource Teacher, Human Resources - 485-3745
▪ Christopher S. Wood, HR Administrative Support– 485-3745
▪ Paulette Roberson, HR New Teacher Support – 485-3745
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