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About RESNA:
RESNA, the Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society
of North America, is the premier professional organization dedicated to
promoting the health and well-being of people with disabilities through
increasing access to technology solutions.
RESNA advances the field by offering certification, continuing
education, and professional development; promoting research and
public policy; developing assistive technology standards; and
sponsoring forums for the exchange of information and ideas.
RESNA offers the ATP and the SMS certification programs for
professionals working in assistive technology.
The Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) certification identifies
professionals who have expertise in helping people with disabilities select
the proper assistive technology that meets their needs. This includes,
among other things:
Computer Access
Speech Generating Devices
Aids for Daily Living
Home Modifications
Job Accommodations
Professionals with this certification have documented extensive work and
education experience, and have passed a rigorous exam that tests their
knowledge of assistive technology.
Quality Assurance for People with Disabilities
A RESNA-certified ATP will provide:
• a holistic approach to every individual’s unique situation, assessing each
person’s needs and wants to determine the appropriate equipment to
achieve that person’s goals.
• a commitment to continuing education and training in order to keep
pace with changing technology.
• a dedication to a strict Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, assuring
quality service and consumer protection.
The Seating and Mobility Specialist Certification is an advanced certification
for professionals who have dedicated their practices to seating and
• Every professional is required to have an Assistive Technology
Professional (ATP) certification in good standing.
• Professionals exhibit extensive experience in direct, in-person consumer
service in seating and mobility, and have documented leadership
initiative in their industry.
• Professionals must successfully pass the SMS certification exam in order
to achieve the credential.
For professionals: Why seek certification?
• Certification helps professionals with different educational and practice
backgrounds communicate with a common language and understanding
about assistive technology.
• Certification opens up new employment opportunities, greater earning
potential, and career advancement.
• Certification provides a basis for trusting a professional’s work, and
protects the public.
• Certification promotes best practices in the field.
• Certification provides external validation and recognition about a
professional’s knowledge and expertise.
For consumers: Why ask for a RESNA-certified professional?
• A RESNA-certified professional will provide an overall assessment of
your needs and wants, and work with you to find the best technology to
help you achieve your goals.
• A RESNA-certified professional has proven through a rigorous exam and
documented work and education experience that they have the
knowledge and the expertise to provide direct client service.
• A RESNA-certified professional is bound by a strict Standards of Practice
and Code of Ethics, helping to assure quality service and consumer