A Tour of Google Apps and MyHomework Planner

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Transcript A Tour of Google Apps and MyHomework Planner

The Overview
Apps on iPad
My Homework
Google Drive App
Google Docs
Gmail App
***Everything in the transparent box is part of Google
Note about access of these
programs/apps (just read)
 All of these programs/apps can all be
accessed on your Macbook as well as your
 In many cases there are more capabilities
and it is easier to work the programs on your
computer, so many people defer to using
the computer.
 Your students will only be accessing these
through their iPad so this gives you a
chance to see how your students will utilize
these resources so you can help them when
they have issues or questions.
Tutorial Note (just read)
 This tutorial is designed to give the basics of Google
Drive, Docs, and MyHomework apps.
 The screen shots and sequencing are representative as
if you have never logged into the apps before.
 If you have already used these apps, some of the slides
will not pertain to you…so please wait for the rest of the
group to catch up during these times.
 STAY ON PACE, please do not go off on your own. You
will have time at the end to work at your own pace.
Even if you are familiar with these apps/programs on
the Macbooks, you will be surprised how different they
might be on the iPads.
Find and pen the Google
Drive app on your iPad by
clicking the icon.
New Users Only: Click Sign In
 Use your Google rtmsd.net account and password to login.
 Teachers: same login as school email (Use .net, NOT .org)
 Students: last name + first initial + @rtmsd.net
Example: [email protected]
Click No
Drive Overview (just read)
This is your homescreen, from this screen you can search anything
you have saved on your Drive Account
Google Drive is a platform where you can upload or create files and
store them in the Google Environment so you can access them from
any device with the Google Drive App or any device that has
Click the three gray
horizontal lines in the top left
corner of the window.
This is one of your toolbars.
Here you can access Shared
documents, recently opened
documents, starred
documents, documents stored
on your device for offline use,
and this is where you can
upload files.
Click on “Incoming”
Incoming (just read)
The tab titled “Incoming” is where you can access files that
have been shared with you by your teachers or
classmates. When you open the files you may only be able
to view them, or you might be able to edit them based on
the permissions given by the creator of the file.
Add “Freshman Selfies” Folder
 In your “Incoming” folder, you should see a folder titled
“Freshman Selfies” that has been shared with you. If you
look over to the right side next to the “i” (info) button,
you will see a gray Drive Icon with a (+) sign. Click this
icon to add this shared folder to your Google Drive
 ****If you don’t see this folder “Freshman Selfies”,
skip this step and wait for the next slide***
Click on My Drive to get back
to the homescreen.
 Click this button to
toggle between list and
icon viewing mode.
 Leave it in list mode as
shown below.
Click the gray “+” sign in the
top right corner
“Create” Toolbar Info (just read)
 From this drop down list you
can create a Document (Word
Document), Spreadsheet
(Excel Document),
Presentation (PowerPoint),
Folder. If you click on any of
these 3 options you will be
taken to another App
specifically for that type of
Docs- creates Word
 Spreadsheets- creates Excel
 Presentation- creates
 You can also upload photos or
videos to your Drive to store or
Click on “New Document”
If you did not install the “Google Docs” app then you will get
this message prompting you to download it. You should all
have the app, if not, download it and catch up.
Let’s Make a Document
 In the space provided, name your document
“Google Practice” and hit “Done”
About Docs (just read)
 Now you can manipulate and edit this document from
the Docs App. It saves automatically to your Google
Drive app and Docs app so there is never a need hit a
save button.
Sharing a File
 With your new document
open, click on the icon in the
top right toolbar that looks
like a person with a plus sign.
This is where you can give
access to this document
to anyone in the RTMSD
Google Environment.
 ***If you don’t have the
share icon, collapse your
keyboard or access share
through the 3 vertical dots
 Share your document with
your proctor by typing in
their Google Name here
and clicking it when it
Sharing Permissions
 After selecting their name it
will ask to give that person
permission to view, edit, or
comment. Select “edit”.
 You will notice that this
person has a picture
attached to their name
because they are fierce
like a lion
 Hit “share” and that person
will be able to open the
document at the same
time on their device and
edit it with you.
Doc Options
 Click the 3 vertical dots in the
upper right toolbar and you will
be given a dropdown box.
 Select“Keep on Device” you will
be able to edit the file without
access to the internet and it will
update to your Drive once you
regain connection.
 Just Read: “Share and Export”
will give you options to share
with others as you have done
already or send a copy of this
 Just Read: “Send a Copy” will
let you export the document as
a .pdf or .docx file.
Back to Google Drive
 Hit your iPad home button (circle button on bottom
center of iPad).
 Find your Google Drive icon and open your Drive App.
 Don’t open it yet, but you should see your file that you
created in your “Files” if you successfully completed the
prior step.
Making a Folder
 Now you will make a folder.
 Use the create icon “+” in the top right corner to make a
folder and name it “Google Intro” and hit “Create”.
Moving a File to a Folder
 Once you have
finished, locate
your file “Google
Practice” and hit
the “i” info icon on
the right side of the
 Click “Move to…”
 Select the “Google
Intro” folder, then
click the blue button
“Move Here” in the
bottom center of
the window.
• You will notice that your file is no longer available
under “Files”.
• Locate your file by clicking on your folder
“Google Intro”
• To get back to your Google Drive home, click the
arrow in the top left corner.
Now…You Will Take a Selfie”
From the homescreen, click the “+” sign
in the top right corner.
Scroll to the bottom of the toolbar and
click on “Use Camera”
If the camera is not facing you hit the
icon in the top right so you can see
yourself on the screen.
Using the camera, take HORIZONTAL
NAME TAG in the picture.
If you are not satisfied with the picture,
click on “Retake” in the bottom right
corner. If you satisfied, click on “Use
Photo” on the bottom right.
If you are prompted for Drive to use your
photos, click “OK”.
Rename Selfie + Add to Shared Folder
Find your file in the Google Drive
homescreen and click the “i” info
icon on the right. IT MAY TAKE A
MOMENT to appear and update to
show your file.
Click on “Rename” and rename your
file with your first and last name as it is
on your nametag.
Now click on “Move To” and select
the folder that has been shared with
you called “Freshman Selfies”.
Click the blue button where it says
“Move here”
If you cannot find the folder
“Freshman Selfies” check in your
incoming by clicking the 3 bars in the
top left. If it is not here, you will not be
able to move the file and will have to
skip this step until later this week.
Let’s Practice
 Create a folder for each of your courses. Name
each folder for your class. This is where you can
manage your files for each of your classes in
Drive. Then take time to explore you iPad.
 PROCTORS: Leave at least 10-15 mins for going
over the MyHomework Student Planner app.
My Homework Student
Planner app (just read)
 This app is useful for planning assignments,
important dates, and reminders.
 Some teachers may already use this app
and upload homework assignments for you
 If any of your teachers do not use this app it
is very simple for you to manually insert all of
your HW and use this app as a daily
Click here to open MyHomework
Click here if you
have not created
an account yet!
Click here to sign
in with your .net
Google account.
***If you have
opened the
program before
you can login in
by clicking in the
top right corner
1. Enter you @rtmsd.net
2. Accept the terms.
3. Click “Ok”.
4. You might have to re-
enter your Google
username and
password a couple of
times for this to work…
MyHomework Sign In
• This is your homescreen where
you can view classes and
• You can search a teacher that
uses MyHomework or enter
your classes manually.
• First let’s find a teacher. Click
the “+”sign
Click here
 Type in
and hit
 Click on
when it
comes up as
an option
 Search
through the
teachers and
find Mr. Miller.
Click his
name and hit
“Join Class”
• First Join the class.
• Then go back to the Home
Screen by hitting button in the
top left corner.
• You now have a class added called “Google
Intro” and have a homework assignment for this
• Students Only: Now let’s add the rest of the classes
on your schedule manually.
• Click the “+” button
 Click “Add a Class
 Then fill out the
information for that class
(as much as you can
remember…you can
edit it later)
 Click “Save”
Student Practice
 Continue until all of your classes are added
 Now take time to login to your Gmail
account using the Gmail App and your
@rtmsd.net account. This will be your school
 When you are finished you have the option
to explore this app (MyHomework) or look
around a bit more in Google Drive.