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Mobile Resource Manager v2
Core Pillars
 Engine - High fuel costs, vehicle maintenance
 Productivity - Customers expect increasing levels of service
and companies want to have the most efficient, productive
 Safety - Concerns over employee safety
 Compliance - Increasing need for government compliance
What is Mobile Resource Manager?
A solution that helps businesses:
Manage their operations in real time
Increase worker productivity and effectiveness
Ensure workers are on time, on schedule, safe
Increase regulatory compliance with driver hours of service,
reducing fines
Save money through increased fuel efficiency
Optimize routing and logistics
Improve customer service and satisfaction
Increase driver safety and reduce liability
Why Geotab?
Simplicity: easy plug and play
Driver behavior and safety: audible alerts
Accuracy: real-time VIN and odometer capture
Vehicle health, diagnostics, and performance
Multiple drivers can use the same vehicle with Driver ID
Saves money through reduced fuel spend
It’s modular – add Garmin, Driver ID reader, etc.
Platform to grow with: access to a Software Development Kit (SDK)
for additional integration
• Web-based application
Base Package features -
GPS only features
• Real-time vehicle location tracking through GPS-enabled
• Map features including live traffic updates and street views
• Speed management including posted limit vs actual
• Idling management including notifications
• Time card report summary
• Trip summary and details
• True bread crumb trail of historical driving
• Dashboard reporting
Bing or Google Map Options
Real-time vehicle movement can be viewed on a variety of street
or aerial image maps. Bing, Google or OpenStreetMaps are
standard mapping options.
Traffic Congestion Update
Where the mapping provides it, customers can view realtime traffic flow to dispatchers to estimate ETAs or make
better routing decisions.
Zones - add names to an address
Easily add customer zones, find street addresses, and find
closest vehicle to an address to assist dispatch vehicles and
Street Perspective
Building views / street views put vehicle locations on site
into greater perspective.
Identity Congregating Miles and Time
Easily view common gathering spots to verify time at a work
site or reduce lengthy gatherings during work hours.
Speed Coaching
Orange line is the posted speed limit – the blue is the actual
speed of the vehicle. Visualize speeding and summary
exceptions for best driver coaching and management.
Daily Time Card Summary
Easily see when vehicles have left for the day and arrived
back at the end of the day for validating payroll.
Trip Summary and Detail - Common for
productivity reporting
Easily see where vehicles have spent their time and where
they spent it. Useful for accurate billing to customers, asset
utilization, and efficient use of work times.
Dashboard Reporting: powered by Excel
All reports in the user interface can be downloaded into Excel,
which allows for customization of the data and makes it easy to
email reports within your organization.
PRO Package features – GPS features plus
safety and engine data
GPS features in Base Package
Fleet and driver safety, aggressive driving reporting, seatbelt usage
Engine diagnostics with battery check and protection
Driver feedback through audible alerts
Rules and notification setup: exception event management
Garmin plug and play
Driver ID key reader
Accident detection and notification
Driver scorecard and behavior
Third party software integration
Pro consulting starts with identifying rules
for exception event management
Adding rules means managing results.
Safety rules are popular for scorecards
Managing by exception
is important. Use one of
the preset rules or
customize one for the
end user. Examples
range from accident
detection to seatbelt
policy management.
Once a rule is made,
you can create
scorecard dashboards
and reports.
Risk Management Report - Commonly used for
safety scorecards
Safety scorecards can help prevent accidents and the
expenses involved with them.
Driver feedback via audible alerts
Create audible alerts to the driver when driving rules are broken: idling,
speeding, aggressive driving, etc.
Garmin Plug and Play Ready
Add Garmin as an optional feature through a Geotab IOX cable
that powers the Garmin without a cigarette lighter adapter.
Real-time interaction with drivers
Driver status / availability change
Broadcast alerts
Canned messages
Send Route
Driver ID Key Reader
Driver ID is most commonly used when different drivers operate
different vehicles every day. This feature is an optional add-on
where needed.
• Key fob allows drivers to
quickly, easily, and securely
sign into the vehicle
• Associates a driver with the
vehicle they are in for driverspecific reports
The Benefits
• Save fuel by optimizing routes
• Reduce fuel-wasting driving
habits such as aggressive driving
and idling
• Increase driver productivity
• Save administrative time with
automated driver logs
• Reduce unauthorized use of your
organization’s assets
• Know where vehicles are at all
times for dispatch and quicker
response in case of
• Be alerted if vehicles deviate
from schedule
• Improve driver behaviors
• Document driver behavior
and events to reduce
potential liability claims
• Improve ‘on time’ record
• Provide customers with ability to
know ETA of service or delivery
• Send customers notifications if
drivers are running late from
scheduled appointment