William Killingsworth Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO)

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Transcript William Killingsworth Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO)

William B. Killingsworth
Director, Division of Community Development
What We Do
“We strive to create a State with distinctive
communities ready to compete anywhere.”
How We Do It
We foster competitive communities.
We partner with other entities.
We become a visible resource.
We build a reputation for excellence.
Program Assumptions
• Communities that plan, build, and enhance their economy while
being true to what make them unique are more competitive.
• We can help communities value those assets that makes them
unique & challenge them to set realistic goals to advance their
• Participants are committed to innovative strategies to promote
community, economy, and leadership.
• A network of vibrant communities who share success and lessons
learned from their peers can be created.
Program Objectives
• Competitive Florida will tie the programs and staff of the
Community Development Division together through a
coordinated effort to increase local economic
• Competitive Florida will foster long-term partnerships.
• Participating communities will develop the capacity to
implement their vision by leveraging their unique gifts.
Asset-Based Economic Development
Creates sustainable
economic growth
and prosperity
Get to know
Look at your
Share your
success with the
Pick the path that
works for you.
Do Something
and Review
Make a
Start off
with a bang.
Current Pilot Communities
Six month effort to test the Competitive Florida framework
City of Port St. Joe
Town of White Springs
City of Newberry
DeSoto County
Opportunity for additional communities – Spring/Summer 2014
Community Conversations
• Listening to and
understanding the ideas and
desires of the people that live
in the community is key to
targeting economic
development opportunities
that fit within their unique
Community Asset Mapping
• Pairs state resource experts with
local leadership to brainstorm
opportunities to leverage or
enhance existing assets.
• Collect data on each asset and
brainstorm past successes,
challenges, barriers and
• Project ideas may be incorporated
into the community’s economic
development strategy.
Resource Matching
• DEO and partnering agencies
will work together to help
the community target
potential resources for
specific projects identified in
the community’s economic
development strategy.
Community Action Agency Involvement
• Building human capital is a key
component to community, workforce
and economic development.
• The information gathered during public
meetings and asset mapping exercise
could be used in the needs assessment
conducted by the Community Action
• There are resources managed by
Community Action Agencies that may
help address needs or projects identified
by the community.
William B. Killingsworth
Director, Division of Community Development