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Welcome to our community.
Join us and enjoy the rewards.
About Ambulatory Care Nursing
Health care delivery is moving increasingly to
outpatient settings and ambulatory care nurses
are essential to efficient, quality care.
Ambulatory care nursing is one of today’s most
dynamic and challenging nursing specialties. It
calls for a high level of:
Critical thinking
Leadership skills
About Ambulatory Care Nursing
Requires critical reasoning and astute clinical
judgment to expedite appropriate care and
2. Provide care across the lifespan to individuals,
families, caregivers, groups, populations, and
3. Occurs across the continuum of care in a
variety of settings
Source: Laughlin, C. (2013). Core curriculum for ambulatory care nursing.
About Ambulatory Care Nursing
4. RNs Interact with patients during face-to-face
encounters or through a variety of
telecommunication strategies, often
establishing long-term relationships.
5. Telehealth nursing is an integral component of
ambulatory care nursing that utilizes a variety
of telecommunication technologies during
encounters to assess, triage, provide nursing
consultation, and perform follow-up and
surveillance of patients’ statuses and
Source: Laughlin, C. (2013). Core curriculum for ambulatory care nursing.
About Ambulatory Care Nursing
During an encounter, the RN focuses on
patient safety and the quality of nursing care
by applying appropriate nursing interventions.
Nurse-patient encounters can occur once or as
a series of occurrences, are usually less than
24 hours in length at any one time.
Source: Laughlin, C. (2013). Core curriculum for ambulatory care nursing.
About Ambulatory Care Nursing
RNs act as partners and advisors, assist and
support patients and families to optimally
manage their health care, respecting their
culture and values, individual needs, health
goals, and treatment preferences.
RNs facilitate continuity of care using the
nursing process, multidisciplinary
collaboration, and coordination of appropriate
health care services and community resources
across the care continuum.
Source: Laughlin, C. (2013). Core curriculum for ambulatory care nursing.
About Ambulatory Care Nursing
10. RNs are knowledgeable about and provide
leadership in the clinical and managerial
operations of the organization.
11. RNs design, administer, and evaluate nursing
services within the organization in accord with
relevant federal requirements, state laws and
nurse practice acts, regulatory standards,
relevant professional nursing standards, and
institutional policies and procedures.
Source: Laughlin, C. (2013). Core curriculum for ambulatory care nursing.
About Ambulatory Care Nursing
12. RNs provide operational accountability for and
coordination of nursing services, including the
appropriate skill mix and delegation of roles
and responsibilities for licensed and
unlicensed nursing personnel.
12. RNs apply the provisions of the American
Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses
to their own professional obligations and for
the patients entrusted to their care.
Source: Laughlin, C. (2013). Core curriculum for ambulatory care nursing.
About Ambulatory Care Nursing
14. RNs pursue lifelong learning that updates and
expands their clinical, organizational, and
professional roles and responsibilities.
Source: Laughlin, C. (2013). Core curriculum for ambulatory care nursing.
Ambulatory Care Nursing
If we just described your practice,
you are an
ambulatory care nurse.
Our mission:
Advance the art and science of ambulatory care nursing
AAACN is a welcoming, unifying community for
registered nurses in all ambulatory care settings.
We offer:
Connections with others in similar roles
Help in advancing your practice and leadership
Advocacy that promotes the greater appreciation
for the specialty of ambulatory care nursing
More than 2,600 members
Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors
Managed by Anthony J. Jannetti, Inc.
Headquarters located in Pitman, New
AAACN Collaborations
We work on your behalf through collaborations with other
organizations, and through representation on external
panels including:
American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Telehealth Care
American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Content Expert
Panel and promotion of certification in ambulatory care nursing
Health Information & Management Systems Society (HIMSS)
Joining Forces (Michelle Obama initiative supporting service members)
Joint Commission Professional Technical Advisory Committee
Member of The Nursing Community
Member of The Nursing Organizations Alliance (NOA)
National Alliance for Quality Care (NAQC)
National Council State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) Nurse Licensure
Compact Coalition
Organizational Affiliate of the American Nurses Association (ANA)
The DAISY Foundation
About Our Members
 Administrators/Directors
 Advanced Practice
 Care Coordinators
 Consultants
 Educators
 Managers/Supervisors
 Researchers
 Staff Nurses
 Other health care
Practice Settings
College/Educational Institutions
Community Hospitals
Free Standing Facilities
Hospital-based Outpatient Clinics/Centers
Managed Care/HMO/PPO
Military or VA
Patient Homes
Solo/Group medical practices
Telehealth Call Centers
University Hospitals
Connect with a Community of
Ambulatory Care Colleagues
Meet and network with other passionate
nurses at the Annual Conference
Access our Expert Panel and other
members for practice-related questions
Join a Special Interest Group (SIG)
Participate in Email Discussion Lists
Volunteer for projects and meet members
and leaders around the country
Network with AAACN Members
Special Interest Groups (SIGs):
Patient Education
Staff Education
Telehealth Nursing Practice
Veterans Affairs
Ambulatory Care Nursing Expert Panel (get your
questions answered!)
Online membership directory
Boost your Knowledge and Build
your Practice
Read the ViewPoint newsletter (earn free contact hours)
and the monthly Email Newsletter
Choose a complimentary subscription to one of these
Journals: Nursing Economic$, MEDSURG Nursing, or
Pediatric Nursing
Access a variety of education activities and earn contact
Obtain resources to help you become certified in
ambulatory care nursing
Apply for scholarships, research grants, and awards
Develop your Leadership Skills
Volunteer to serve on task forces, committees,
and Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Write an article, present a poster, speak at the
conference, or present a webinar
Obtain leadership and practice resources in the
Online Library
Advocate for your Specialty
Stay up to date and prepare for changes
in ambulatory care and telehealth nursing
Use AAACN position statements and
standards of practice to promote the role
of the ambulatory care nurse
AAACN Web site
The latest news in ambulatory/telehealth
Association news and news about our
AAACN Career Center
Find a job
Find a new employee
The links you need! No more endless
Award-winning publications and education
Online registration for conference
As a Member, you can use the Web
site for Networking
Connect with AAACN members
Network through our E-mail discussion
lists (list serves)
Join Special Interest Groups
AAACN Education Resources
Developed by experts to enhance your
ambulatory and telehealth nursing practice
on all publications and products
Some publications offer continuing
education credit – most offer free credit to
Standards of Professional
Performance Resources
Scope and Standards
of Practice for
Ambulatory Care
Nursing, 8th Edition
Scope and Standards
of Practice for
Telehealth Nursing,
5th Edition
Both resources contain standards
Nursing Diagnoses
Outcomes Identification
Coordination of Care
Health Teaching/Health
Research and EBP
Performance improvement
Leadership, and more!
Orientation Resources
Ambulatory Care Nursing Orientation and
Competency Assessment Guide, 2nd
Edition is a valuable resource for orienting
nurses new to ambulatory care as well as
developing comprehensive competency
assessment programs.
Certification Resources
Core Curriculum for Ambulatory Care Nursing,
3nd Edition (Earn over 30 contact hours – free to
Ambulatory Care Nursing Review Questions, 3rd
Ambulatory Care Nursing Certification Review
Course and Syllabus (Earn 7.5 contact hours)
Available on DVD, in our Online Library, through a site
license for 25 or more nurses, or LIVE at your facility.
Members receive $55 off the certification exam fee
Telehealth Resources
Telehealth Nursing
Practice Core Course
Earn 8.0 contact hours
Available on DVD, in our
Online Library, through a
site license for 25 or more
nurses, or LIVE at your
Telehealth Nursing
Practice Essentials
(Earn 13.8 contact hours –
free to members)
AAACN Annual Conference
– Continuing Education Credit
– Exhibit hall
– Earn extra CEs by viewing
– Attend a Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting
– Special Leadership and Telehealth tracks
– Attend all sessions through our free access
to all conference presentations in
the online library for yourself and two
- Networking Luncheon
Join us………
May 19-22, 2014
Marriott New Orleans
April 15-18, 2015
Hilton in the Walt
Disney World Resort,
Lake Buena Vista, FL
Online Library
The best online source for education in ambulatory
care nursing. Earn contact hours from a vast
array of conference sessions, articles,
publications, webinars, and more.
Search the site by topic to find what you need.
AAACN On The Road
AAACN will bring these courses
to your facility:
Ambulatory Care Nursing Certification
Review Course
Telehealth Nursing Practice Core Course
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Enroll 25 or more new
members from your facility
and receive a
group discount.
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Thank you for taking the time
to learn about us.
As you have seen, AAACN has a lot to offer you.
We welcome you to become part of our welcoming, unifying community
for registered nurses in all ambulatory care settings.
JOIN TODAY! It’s fast and easy.
Web site: www.aaacn.org
Contact us at:
E-mail: [email protected]
American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing
P.O. Box 56, Pitman, NJ 08071-0056
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