IE 550 Manufacturing Systems - Industrial and Systems Engineering

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Transcript IE 550 Manufacturing Systems - Industrial and Systems Engineering

ISE 789 Product and Process
Richard A. Wysk
Spring 2011
• Policies - This is an graduate engineering
course, I do expect you to act like
engineering students. Independent, diligent,
• Engineering ethics
• ISE789 is new – the focus will be on
product and process engineering of
mechanical parts
• What we will we be doing?
– ISE789 should be lots of fun (and work). It may also be the most
important class that you take. It is the materials that I most
frequently use in my industry consulting.
– Engineering systems are a difficult topic to present and a topic that
has hindered the development of CIE implementation. People do
not understand how engineering systems fit together and can be
controlled. This is the focus of ISE789!
• What is a “Manufacturing system”? An
engineering system?
Interactions of many processes, products and design
decisions made in the engineering of a product.
Machine requirements planning
Process planning
Production planning
Concurrent engineering
• Glossary of terms
FMS, Global manufacturing, enterprise
engineering, SAP, Simultaneous engineering,
Concurrent engineering, Manufacturing web
services, Agile Engineering, Product
Engineering, Process Engineering, Production
Engineering, ...
Goal and Objective
• GOAL -- Today’s manufacturing engineer
needs to identify and locate the most
efficient method to produce a product (inhouse or not; as is or as modified)
• OBJECTIVE -- reduce time to market,
increase quality, reduce cost, and operate in
a tight capital environment
Product requirements
• Faster – get it to market faster than a
• Better – best quality
• Cheaper – best price
A Vision of Integrated
Engineering Systems
ENGINEERING -- the planning, designing,
construction (manufacture), or management
of machinery, roads, bridges, etc..
Traditional Engineering
Engineering Integration
Product Engineering
• We design the way that
we have been taught
• Dfx
• We need to rethink
geometries, structures and
product characteristics
• We can not be constrained
by methods and processes
for manufacture
Process Engineering
• We should not be limited to a
specific processes
• We should choose the method of
manufacture based on life cycle
• We need to link raw materials
decisions with product use
decisions with product retirement
decisions into an integrated model
Production Engineering
• We need to look at
waste as a total product
life quality
• We need to minimize
energy associated with
product manufacture
• We need to consider
raw material to end use
A Vision of Integrated Green
Engineering Systems
A Vision of Integrated
Engineering Systems (cont.)
– planning, designing, construction and
management of a product.
Engineering Integration
• Performing all business activities in unison
• Analyzing all engineering functions
• Making wise real-time economic decisions
ISE789 Focus
• ISE789 is intended to cover all of the
engineering and business activities.
• All will be discussed.
• Process Engineering will be the
• You should have:
– Read Chapter 1 in the book.
– Learned where the CAD and computer labs are
– Developed a basic understanding of how
product, process and production engineering fit
– Read assignment #1 and have an idea of what
you are going to do