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Weatherstone Elementary School
Welcome to Weatherstone
Elementary School
PTA General Meeting
September 13, 2011
6 -6:30 p.m.
Weatherstone Elementary School
PTA Board Members
Beth Satterfield – President
Elizabeth Humphries – Secretary
Kathy Cawley – Treasurer
Nichelle Weintraub – VP of Membership
Jennifer Ellerbe – VP of Parent Involvement
Kira Wolfe – VP of Communications
Michele Counter – VP of Academic Programs
Catherine Smith – VP of Fundraising
Weatherstone Elementary School
WES PTA Initiatives
• 21st Century Explorers
– Making smart technology accessible for all
– 6 smart boards purchased this year
– Goal: a smart board in every classroom by 2014
• Outdoor Explorers
Weatherstone Elementary School
What is a Master Plan?
• Comprehensive drawing which illustrates proposed uses for school site
• Joint effort between stakeholders to create a dynamic educational
school site for the current & future Weatherstone community.
North Greensboro Elementary School, Guilford Co.
Weatherstone Elementary School
Why is a Master Plan necessary?
Comprehensive, Organized plan endorsed by WCPSS which reflects
integration of curriculum beyond classroom walls.
• Integrates outdoor learning to meet new DPI curriculum
• Address/prevent effects of “Nature Deficit Disorder”
• Childhood Obesity Epidemic
• Early-Onset Diabetes
• Hypertension
• Asthma
Weatherstone Elementary School
What is PTA’s role?
• Support teachers to incorporate outdoor learning
• Engage School Community
• Funding
• Master Plan
• Implementing phased components
Weatherstone Elementary School
How does it benefit PTA?
• Legacy…to pass on for future generations
• Goals for fundraising
• Weatherstone PTA gains recognition as role model for district
• PTA has a tool to connect/engage local community
Weatherstone Elementary School
How is a Master Plan Developed?
• Form a Committee
• Weatherstone Staff
• PTA members
• WCPSS Facilities
• CLH Design
• Identify needs
• Evaluate outdoor opportunities available on existing campus
• Develop a theme based on teachers/students
• gardens (edible/habitat)
• world traveler
• birds
• Dinosaurs
• North Carolina
• pets
• science
• sports
• Designer produces first draft of Master Plan, which will be revised as
Weatherstone Elementary School
Harris Creek Elementary School…
…Is for the Birds !
Environmental Education Day, 2008
Weatherstone Elementary School
Sterling Montessori Academy & Charter School
Weatherstone Elementary School
Partnership Elementary School
Weatherstone Elementary School
Goal: to create great outdoor environments that engage
children in learning and imaginative play
Weatherstone Elementary School
PTA Membership Drive Update
Thank you!
– We have over 165 members representing over 35% of WES
– Members include: teachers, parents, staff, and family
– Our goal is to represent at least 50% of the families
attending WES
Why Join?
– Your membership dollars help fund school
programs and activities
– Your ideas help change and improve our school.
You can help make the decisions!
– Your leadership within the PTA requires
There is no pressure to do anything more than just join,
the rest is up to you!
Weatherstone Elementary School
Membership Levels & Gifts
4 levels of Membership
Admiral’s Club: $50
Captain’s Club: $25
Navigator: $15
Shipmate: $7
Student Directory, membership
card and valuable coupons
Admiral’s Club: WES car
magnet / new RoundWare and
PTA coupons. (and a drawing
for a $50 gift card!)
Kindergarten families: WES
Kindergarten Rocks bracelet
Thank you for joining, ANY level is greatly appreciated!
Join Us – It is never too late!
Weatherstone Elementary School
Budget 2011-2012
2010-11 Carry Over Balance
+ Projected Revenue
– Projected Expenses
= 2012 End of Year Balance
We began the year with a large surplus
intentionally, to pay for some big
ticket improvement items that
were in the works…
PTA Support Goes to....
Accelerated Reader
Science Day
Cultural Arts
Curriculum Support
Weatherstone Elementary School
Volunteer Registration
• The volunteer registration system at Weatherstone Elementary School is
open on Mondays from 8:00AM-4:00PM through May 21, 2012. However,
during this period, the volunteer registration system will be closed on the
following Mondays: December 19, 2011, December 26, 2011, January 2,
2012 and January 16, 2012.
• If you were approved as a volunteer during the 2010-2011 school year, you
must reactivate your volunteer status no later than October 31, 2011 to
avoid the need for a new criminal background check. This will in turn
avoid unnecessary costs to the school system.
• All new volunteers must register and have an approved criminal
background check prior to engaging in volunteer work. Volunteers may go
to any WCPSS site and register through the internet.
Weatherstone Elementary School
Volunteer Opportunities
Accelerated Reader
Chess Club - New
Classroom Volunteers
Book Fair
International Festival
KITs Program
Media Center Helpers
School Store
Science Night
Spring Carnival
Talent Show
If you need more information about PTA committees, please visit our PTA website or
contact me, Jennifer Ellerbe, VP of Parent Involvement.
Weatherstone Elementary School
PTA Communications
• New website – www.weatherstonepta.com
– Sharing more information - Calendar of Events , news posts, last minute
changes via twitter
– Many forms available online – student directory, membership, volunteer
sign up
– Pay for fundraisers and membership via Paypal
• New e-newsletter format
sign up at www.weatherstonepta.com
Released Sunday at noon – plan your week!
Translate into another language – over 20 different languages supported
We save thousands of dollars and lots of trees!
Weatherstone Elementary School
How Does the PTA Raise Funds?
Family Nights (BINGO on Friday, 9/23)
Boosterthon (COMING SOON!)
Citipass Books (COMING SOON!)
Spring Carnival
Membership dues
Passive, No-Fuss Fundraising
– Store Rewards (Food Lion, Kroger, Harris Teeter, Target)
– Box Tops and Labels
Weatherstone Elementary School
What Do PTA Funds Go Towards?
All programs not covered by Wake County Schools,
Accelerated Reader Program
Cultural Arts Assemblies
Supplies for Teachers
Student Agendas/Assignment books
Classroom Technology (i.e., Smart Boards)
Playground Revitalization
Teacher Mini-Grants
PTA Website
Teacher/Staff Hospitality
Weatherstone Elementary School
No-Fuss Fundraising
• Re-link grocery store reward cards
Weatherstone Elementary School
B-I-N-G-O Family Fun Night
September 23 – FRIDAY, 6:30 -8 PM
All are welcome!
Dinner at 6:30 PM, Games at 7 PM
Family Special (order by 9/16)- Dinner and BINGO
• Or come and PLAY - purchase BINGO cards at the
door that night
Weatherstone Elementary School
• National cultural arts contest with
entries in:
Visual Arts
Film Production
Musical Composition
Dance Choreography
• Begins September 27th
• Open to all students – PTA pays entry
fees and honors student winners
Weatherstone Elementary School
Thank you parents and caregivers
for all your support!