Selby Golf Club Age Profile & Subs Review

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Transcript Selby Golf Club Age Profile & Subs Review

Selby Golf Club
Members Meeting
Thursday 14th March 2013
Club Captains Message
Ladies Section Captains Message
Goals Review
Membership Update
Greens Update
Health & Safety Update
Competitions & Handicap Update
Social Update
Equality Update
Finances 2012/2013
Clubhouse & Course for 2013/2014
Club Captains Message
Drive In and nominated charity
Officers & Sections of the Club
Club & Team Matches
Clubhouse Team
Green Team
Professional Team
Social Calendar
Golfing Associations
Ladies Section
Captains Message
The Ladies Section remains a strong supportive part of the Club
with just under 100 members, 93 of them being active golfers
Our Section runs 4 teams, each team play against three other Clubs.
The Club provides funding for meals – team members pay match
fees to cover extras e.g. Transport, drinks, snacks. The Ladies Section
provide their own balls and clothing.
We are particularly proud of our Junior Girls, especially Ellie who has
represented Yorkshire & England and Hannah who is our Ladies Club
Matches are played against the men’s section Rabbits, Seniors &
The Ladies also arrange some of the Club Mixed Competitions
The Ladies organise the Mixed Open Day and the Ladies Open Day with
the sum of £1,200 being given to the Club last year.
2012 was the centenary of the Ladies Section.
Goals Review
To continue to produce a golf course that is recognised for its quality & profile by its
Members, the County, Visiting Parties and members of other clubs within the
Yorkshire region
To deliver a course that is challenging to all ability golfers
Given the poor quality of some of the ground & soil on the course and in supporting
the point above the focus over forthcoming years will be firstly the playing areas and
secondly to re-design a number of the teeing areas to provide the differing levels of
challenges & also to allow golf traffic to be dispersed over a wider area
To positively encourage more Members to join the Club who are aged below 40
To provide a sustainable first class Clubhouse facility that encourages all Members of
the Club irrespective of age to enjoy the social side of the golf Club
To comply with all current and future legal and health & safety requirements
To regularly review contracts & costs and where ever possible for all maintenance to
be undertaken “in-house”, where specialist skills are required, procurement will be
via local preferred suppliers (preferably Members)
To ensure that the day to day running & fixed costs of the Club are supported by the
revenue generated from Playing Membership & Social Subscription Fees and that
this is spread appropriately across all Membership categories
To work to a three year rolling financial plan
Membership Update
Adult Playing Members = 586
•7 Day Full Paying Members = 353
•5 Day Full Paying Members = 45
•7 & 5 Day Age & Service reduced Paying Members = 131 (22.4%)
•(7 Day = 85, 5 Day = 46)
•Number of Playing Members aged 30 – 40 = 30 (5.1%)
•Number of Playing Members under the age of 30 = 22 (3.8%)
•Captains & Green Staff = 5
Junior Members ( age 22 and under ) - 72
Social Members = 128
Green Update
Nominated for consideration in Golf World’s Top 100 Courses in
GB&I for 2014
The Club recognised that due to the exceptional rain fall seen last
summer grass grew in places where it had not for decades and
the existing grass thickened and grew vigorously – steps were
taken once ground conditions permitted to cut back grass &
The Club undertakes this year to keep the Course playable for all
abilities of golfer.
Green Update Cont.
Irrigation system – caught up with the maintenance of the
mains pipe line over the winter
Tree Management – extensive tree management has taken
place over the winter to 1) Aid playability, 2) Machine Access,
3) Allow more light & air through
Bunker – 18th Fairway Bunker at driving length and the first
bunker on approach to the 18th green currently hold standing
water – small draining programme to take place
Clubhouse roof draining – review underway to move excess
water away from 18th green and apron
Work must start on the water recycling area – we will do as
much in-house as possible
Health & Safety Update
No RIDDOR accidents, 5 accident reports completed in last
12 months (all through general play)
To date less than £1,000 spent on Health & Safety Matters
during this financial year
Updated all task Risk Assessments for the Green Staff –
specific training is ongoing during the winter period
e.g. Chain Saw / Working from heights
Completed a full Course Risk Assessment – this has
highlighted a couple of small areas where further
works are required e.g. Enhanced signage
Health & Safety Update Cont.
Further work will be required dependent on the future
occupants on the land adjacent to the 3rd hole
Interim H & S inspection by Selby Council –
Course Risk Assessment enhanced to reflect the fact that
the bushes to the right of the tee area should be
left to grow naturally on the 13th hole and the 3rd hole.
Full H & S inspection by Selby District Council due
October / November 2013
Competitions & Handicaps
Review of the 2012 Season
Club Championship - 2012
SWANS Competition
Tee Booking in 2013
Summer 2012 - 08:00 to midday
Proposed 2013 - 08:00 to midday + ½ hour
Knock Out Draws 2013
Use of Distance Measuring Devices (DMD’s)
Selby G.C. Local Rule
Mobile Phone Apps
50p Contribution to Administration Costs
Applies to: Qualifying Competitions
Trophy and Board Competitions
Contribution to: - Engraving, trophies , buffet (£2,300)
Future tee booking system( > £5,000)
Expected Revenue: - £1400 (SWANS),
£300 - £400 (Ladies)
£4000 approx. (Mens)
Social Team Objectives
Provide members with a varied and interesting Social calendar to
enhance their Golf Club experience
Encourage members to use the Golf Club facilities as much as
possible to increase club revenues
Create an environment where new members can meet other
members away from the golf course
Contribute to the development of the clubhouse
Plans for 2013
A Diary of Events for 2013 is planned covering a wide choice of
activities including Cabaret Nights, Dinner Dances, Games and
Quiz Nights.
Our objective is to try and provide something for everyone to
join in with, and we appreciate, that not all events will be
everyone's cup of Tea.
Events are posted on the internet and on club notice boards,
we try to keep the costs of all events as low as possible so that
everyone can participate.
We have a great catering facility now at Selby Golf Club and it is
in all members interests to support our caterers going forward.
Party on the Range
Saturday 25th May 2013
An opportunity for members to bring family and friends
to Selby Golf Club for a fun day out.
Gates open at 11.00am to allow guests to build marquees
and set out their picnic areas.
Guests bring their own food and drink however bars and
BBQ will be available.
Four live bands playing between 3.00pm – 11.00pm
Music and entertainment between bands, BBQ, Bars and Toilets
available on the range fun & games throughout the day.
Julia Martin Returns 31st August
Following last years spectacular night Julia has been booked to appear
again at Selby Golf Club on 31st August 2013.
Last Year Julia performed her tributes to Dame Shirley Bassey and
Tina Turner. This Year Julia will be introducing us Celine Dion.
A marquee will be installed for the event to offer increased numbers
up to a maximum of 140 people.
The 200 Club Draw will also take place on this night
New Ideas New Blood
Your Social Team are always looking for new ideas and would
welcome feedback from members as to how we may develop
We are keen to expand our Social Team and to encourage
members to have a go at developing new event ideas
This does not have to be too involved you can put as much or as
little as you like into your Golf Club
All we would ask is for you to help us help you
Equality Update
Club Captaincy
At the AGM in August the Board will be proposing the following
new Rule for Members to consider
“The office of Club Captain and Club Vice-Captain shall be open
to all Full Playing Members without EQA discrimination, that is
to say, discrimination which is unlawful under the Equality Act
2010. “
Equality Update Cont.
“The Procedure for the appointment of the Club Captain and the
Club Vice – Captain shall be as follows: 1) Nominations for the post of Club Captain and Club Vice –
Captain will be invited from all Playing Members, such
nominations to be supported by a proposer and a seconder;
2) A meeting comprising the present Club Captain and no fewer
than (seven) past Club Captains will be convened as required;
3) The meeting will consider the nominations for Club Captain
and elect without EQA discrimination one of the nominees
for the year in question;
4) The meeting will similarly consider the nominations for the
Club Vice-Captain and elect without EQA discrimination one
of the nominees for that year, in the expectation that the
elected member will assume the office of Club Captain in the
following year;
5) If a member declines to accept the proffered office, the
meeting will reconvene and repeat the procedure as
necessary ”
Finance Team
Mike Sharp – Club Chairman
Julia Horton – Chair of Finance
David Campey – Chair of Greens
Mick Pickup – Chair of Social
Sally McHale – Secretary / Manager
Club Finances 2012/2013
Our Aims for 2012/2013 were
•To ensure the Club is operating on a sound financial basis
•To increase the Club’s cash reserves in the knowledge that
there would be a number of unavoidable large capital
expenditure programmes in 2013/2014
•Improve communication with Members by publishing a regular
Finance Newsletter giving details of current & planned projects
and expenditure
In order to increase our cash reserves we have: •Scrutinised the budget in great detail and made savings where
•Commenced a programme of reviewing all contracts
throughout the Club
•Maintained a firm hand on the purse strings by working to a
detailed budget and a monthly cash flow
Club Finances 2012/2013 Cont.
General Savings
•Team Expenses were reduced from £8,600 to £5,600
•Diary costs have been reduced from £3,000 to £1,650 and are
virtually self financing
These are just 2 of the many small savings made over the year
which have contributed to us achieving a surplus.
Course Savings
•Fertiliser for winter dressing was cancelled saving £8,000. This
was done by agreement with Gordon.
•The acquisition of 2 greens machines( a mower and a rough
cutter) has been deferred until this month.
Club Finances 2012/2013 Cont.
Contract Savings
•We have managed to negotiate an excellent deal with BT
which will save £2,000 p.a. This will not only give us an
enhanced service but also provide us with the ability to install
an EPOS machine for the bar which will facilitate Members
topping up their bar cards with a debit card. This will also have
an effect in reducing banking charges. Our cash handling costs
currently stand at 60p per £100 and we bank in excess of
£150,000 of cash per year – costing over £900.
•In 2011/2012 the Club carried out work on the Fire and
Security Alarms and as a result of this reduced our insurance
costs last year by nearly £2,000
•The Club is currently reviewing its cleaning requirements and
costs for 2013/2014.
Club Finances 2012/2013 Cont.
Non Budgeted Expenditure
We have been very fortunate this year to have had only one
item of non-budgeted expenditure which was the Andrews
Water Heater at a cost of £3,000 which had to be replaced as it
provided water for the kitchen and ladies showers and 19th bar.
The Budget 2012/2013
Financially this has been an excellent year for our Club. We have
worked within our revised budget of 607 Members. Our green
fees income is approximately £7000 less than we had
anticipated but despite this we have managed to achieve our
aim of a surplus income and this will provide funding for the
provision of a wash down area for our machinery (a legal
requirement) and will spearhead the development of an
economically viable and sustainable Course and Clubhouse.
Clubhouse 2013/2014
As you probably know we have a clubhouse that needs some
substantial repairs and we think it is in all our interests to
improve the situation and we intend to install a bio-mass
boiler. Currently we spend in excess of £20,000 per year on
heating oil which a new bio- mass boiler will halve.
We have already undertaken an energy review which has
highlighted a number of improvements.
The roof is in desperate need of repair and we estimate this
could cost in excess of £20,000.
The boiler and associated infrastructure will cost approximately
£120,000. It will be financed by a ten year bank loan and this
year will cost £16,500 including the deposit, arrangement fee
and 2 quarterly payments.
Clubhouse 2013/2014 Cont.
On the plus side, however, quarterly , the Club will receive a
Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments from the government
of totalling approximately £15,000 in the first year. This will
continue for 20 years and together with the fuel savings I have
already spoken about will result in substantial savings.
The reason for the urgency is that the Renewable Heat Incentive
Payments will be reduced by the Government when the take up
has reached 50%. We understand the take up currently stands at
25% and it is estimated that we have a 3 month window to gain
the maximum benefit.
To Summarise Projected Expenditure
Bio-Mass Heating System
Full service of the Clubhouse heating system with modern
thermostatic valves being added to radiators as required, system
upgrade to unvented system
Updating the Clubhouse insulation
Full review of the lighting in the Clubhouse, to incorporate
Replacement windows for the Clubhouse £20,000
Legal Requirement - Chemical Wash Down Area (2015)
Course Works – 18th tee complex
12th tee complex
Bunker repairs
Whilst all these items are urgently required they will only be
undertaken as and when funds become available.