Choosing the Tooth Fillings

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Transcript Choosing the Tooth Fillings

Choosing the Tooth Fillings

If have a infected tooth and your dentist recommend that you can have a filing, there are many options at your disposal. Before you make a choice of the filling, make sure that you go to a

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. Such dentist has experience to ensure that the filling is done appropriately. A poorly done filling can cause problems in your teeth. Composite fillings One of the fillings that you will get from

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is composite fillings. They are commonly used in filling. The specialist uses glass to make composites. The dentist will use the composite filling if the cavity is of a little too moderate size. It is also appropriate if the infected tooth is used more for chewing than biting. If you are not sure about the appropriate method to use, then you should go for the composite filling. The filling bonds nicely into place. Furthermore, the procedure does not require a lot of drilling. The dentist specializing in crowns can blend the filling to match your natural teeth. Fluoride releasing filing The other filling option at your disposal is the fluoride releasing filing. These fillings can be blend with your teeth and the fluoride will help in fighting tooth decay. You have to be really careful when you have these filing because they can easily break. It is not a suitable choice for chewing surfaces. The fluoride filing is appropriate for filling cavities that are near the gum line. Ceramic fillings If you need a crown for filling, you should opt for the ceramic filing. Make sure that it is done by qualified

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It can blend well with your teeth. They are

strong and last longer. However, when you choose the ceramic filling, you should go for multiple appointments. It is also more expensive than other fillings. Dentist prefers this method because of its flexibility to use thin sheets that will fit the tooth's surface. Amalgam fillings if you are on a tight budget, then you should go for the amalgam filling. They are affordable and durable. It has been used for

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for many years. The amalgam fillings are made of silver, mercury, tin and copper. One of the downside with this filling is that your teeth will be more sensitive. Dentist will recommend using the filling for the molars since it can withstand pressure due to chewing. Gold fillings Gold fillings contain a mixture of gold and other metals. They are suitable for crowns and fixed bridges. The filling will not get discolored and do not break easily. They are also expensive. Silver fillings The filling is a combination of silver and other metals. It is a suitable choice for crowns, fixed bridge and partial dentures. It is made of durable material and is not likely to get damaged due to heavy use. They are also an affordable option. If you have an

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, you can choose from any of the above options. In case you are not sure the appropriate one, you can ask your dentist to help.